Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who Are Savvy Market Masters?

As a cohort of sorts with Savvy Market Masters, I thought it'd be fantastic to feature the company here and tell authors a bit more about what SMM can do and is doing.

Savvy Market Masters, started by Lacresha Hayes, is a book marketing firm that specializes in bringing visibility to great books. They are structured from a reader's perspective so that their marketing techniques are more effective. Lacresha, being an author herself, has tested the bounds of marketing both on and offline and now is sharing her expertise and contacts to build other authors.

Savvy Market Masters provides everything from media kits to newsletters, blog book tours, radio and library bookings and more. With their newswire service and library/bookstore mailings, they have the ability to put your book in front of tens of thousands of people in a short period of time. Will this guarantee more sales? No. No one can do that unless they purchase your book themselves. But, it will certainly increase visibility for your book and that cannot hurt. For more information, click the links above. Let's get marketing!

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