Friday, August 20, 2010

Review~ Symmetry by Joyce Scarbrough

If you loved Jaycee in Different Roads, you'll come to adore Jessica Cassady in this book, Symmetry, as she struggles through a rocky road of marriage and "the one" who got away. She has a medical condition, a nerve problem, and apparently a lack of confidence in her decision-making abilities. She has controlling family and in my opinion, only wants to be loved and accepted for who she is how she is. This is definitely a heroine with a lot going on but yet somehow she gets it together. I won't ruin the book for you but I will say this is one you won't want to put down until you've finished it.

For more information on Joyce Scarbrough and to connect with her, or purchase the book, use the links above. Spectacular four star book!

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The Belle in Blue said...

Thanks for the great review! Oh, and it's okay to mention that Jaycee has a cameo in this one! ;-)